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I love seeing the world through a child’s eyes.  It’s limitless, new, and pure. There is excitement and mystery around every corner.  There are no hidden agendas or policies…it’s just beautiful.

step Into the light

Let me help you step into a light that you have never seen yourself in before.  Others may know your true beauty, but let me help you see what others have always known is there as well.

those “ahhhhh” moments

With a little creativity and luck, we can freeze those moments that will last you a lifetime. Allowing you to share it with others, or just cherish it for years to come.

show me the money…!!!

We’re all out here trying to make a living…if you have a business you want to promote, what better way than showing everyone how much you rock with a professional shoot. Shout-out to Ms Colby from Broadstreet Tattoo 

not just people and puppies

Whether it’s your local firetruck, your ’69 Dodge Charger, or your first car you were handed down from your mom….it doesn’t matter…if you love it, we love it and want to shoot it…!

weddings & events

If you’re entertaining friends and family, tying the knot, or trying to schmooze with potential clients, we’re here to get all the amazing shots from the event. Shout-out to Rafael from Rafael Floral & Event Design.

Let’s make something amazing together


Canton, MA